What To Know About Buying And Using Couples Sex Toys

The sex toy industry is on pace to become a $52.7 billion business. Many people today own a toy or two, to the point that vibrators have become a common form of masturbation. However, many people are beginning to branch out by purchasing toys designed to use with a partner. These toys are an excellent way to spice up your bedroom, and the possibilities are endless. Keep reading to learn more about buying some toys that will please and tease you and your partner. 

What makes toys for two such a fun thing to bring into the bedroom?

If you've never brought toys into the bedroom with a partner before, you're in for a treat. For one, these toys are excellent for foreplay and make the whole process easy and seamless for both partners. Having the help of a toy lets you learn your partner's body by turning them on and pleasing them in different ways. Many couples get stuck in ruts, to the point that they find it difficult to get imaginative in the bedroom. These toys will add new dimensions, which will also push the limitations of your sexuality. 

What options do you have when looking for toys?

There are countless toys you can stock up on to use with your partner. Strapless strap-on vibrating dildos are a great idea because they're wearable, comfortable, and let you provide different levels of pleasure. These toys are useful at providing clitoral, g-spot, and vaginal orgasms, and typically come with a variety of vibration settings. You can purchase them in any size that you'd prefer and can go with a realistic penis-like dildo, or those shaped in a variety of different ways. They come in a variety of textures and materials, so figure out which you think will feel the best for you and your partner. 

What should you know about toy etiquette and care?

It's important that you introduce the idea of using a particular toy before things get hot and heavy. This way, you'll quickly find out whether your partner is interested, and it gives them the chance to do away with any nerves or jitters ahead of time. Learn some strap-on techniques and consider practicing your stroke on your own so that you feel comfortable when it's time to use it with a partner. After making a purchase, take the time to properly store your new toy, and keep it thoroughly clean after each and every use. Make sure to use plenty of lubrication so that you and your partner are pleased, comfortable, and in the moment. 

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